US Consul Timothy Eydelnant visits Zittau

On 18 December 2018 students from our school as well as the Christian-Weise-Gymnasium in Zittau got the unique opportunity to interact with the present US Consul General Timothy Eydelnant. Since July 2017 Mr. Eydelnant has been the U.S. Consul General responsible for, among others, the state of Saxony. He spoke to the student about his work and the mission of the US Consulates in Germany. Timothy Eydelnant with his own life story represented the best possible ideal of a cosmopolitan US. He stressed that beyond current political affairs, it is the relationship between individuals, which makes diplomacy successful. At the end of the session he was presented with – of course – a Moravian star, something to remember us by.

Rebecca Tamut


(Bilder: CWG Zittau/Eric-Holm Langhof)